Daily Reports

  • Various daily reports such as daily sales report , activities and status are vital to the management because it is basic way of doing business not to mention the record management.

  • Customizable Reports

  • Why is customization required when the product is good?.

    Here , is our answer-We agree to the point but the business nature of each single enterprise varies on size, process, mission ,vision etc. The product will have to be in line with your process and now where the customization is required.

  • Portable reports to Excel/PDF

  • Our hard work reflecting on the report and how irked we will be when we can’t download the meticulous report when it is most needed.

    We took utmost care that reports should serve the purpose rather than being just “digitally present”. Portability of report is now possible with FFES.

  • Attachments

  • Enables smooth flow of information by allowing attachment of files such as Word and PDF through emails.

    We can bundle this with portable report. Too trivial to broadcast as a feature.